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Our Electronic Cigarettes Offer More Choices than Other Brands

Goodyear, AZ – Red Dragon’s electronic cigarettes provide more options in kits, flavors, and strengths than all other brands. “We were the first brand to provide anything like Dragon Skins, which permit you to customize your cigarette’s appearance,” says Red Dragon’s Nick Evans. “We are also very careful never to list anything on our Web site that isn’t immediately available – so you know you can get our products right away.”

Red Dragon electric cigarettes provide other benefits:
Vapor: We have the only kind of electronic cigarettes with a V-3 battery – which gives the smoker the thickest vapor. The circuitry for other brands provides vapor in 3 second bursts. Our V-3 battery creates vapor as long as the smoker draws on it. This allows the smoker to have thick, smoke-like vapor.
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Best Electronic Cigarettes

Red Dragon is one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market. This unique device is an alternative to cigarettes that allows you to smoke anywhere, even indoors with no offensive smoke or odor. Electric cigarettes provide the sensation of smoking and save money. Use the calculator on our website to see how much money the Red Dragon will save you.

In addition, electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco or tar which is found in cigarette smoke. The cigarette cartridge produces a fine vapor mist that provides the sensation of smoking without tobacco smoke. This vapor evaporates in seconds and, unlike a regular cigarette, the Red Dragon is not offensive to the people around you.
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Alternative To Smoking Cigarettes

The Red Dragon offers an alternative to smoking cigarettes. This electronic cigarette is a smarter smoking alternative that allows you to experience the sensation of smoking a real cigarette without the hassles of smoking. The increase in anti smoking laws and public awareness about the health effects of smoking has made it nearly impossible to enjoy smoking cigarettes in public.

The Red Dragon has no flame, tobacco, tar or smoke. The cartridge allows you to inhale and exhale a fine vapor that evaporates almost immediately. There is no offensive odor or lingering smoke to irritate the people around you. The electronic cigarette can be enjoyed anywhere, indoors or outside.
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Mini Electric Cigarettes

Red Dragon mini electric cigarettes are high grade smokeless electric cigarettes. There are many electric cig products on the market, but they vary widely in construction and quality. We use a unique two piece design with the highest quality materials in all components for an enjoyable smoking alternative to cigarettes.

The simple, yet innovative design of our electric cig makes maintenance effortless. The competition sells complicated, four component smokeless electric cigarettes, providing more to go wrong. In addition, separate atomizers need to be maintained and changed frequently. Our unique two piece design includes a high grade battery and cartridge for ease of use.
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Electronic Cigarette Accessories

In addition to electronic cigarettes, we carry several electronic cigarette accessories for your Red Dragon. Browse our electronic cigarette accessories to find batteries, chargers, skins for the Red Dragon, a stylish carrying case for your electronic cigarettes and more.

In our electronic cigarette accessories category, you will find an electronic cigarette battery to replace the worn out batteries in your Red Dragon. Screw on a cartridge and use the replacement battery as a second electronic cigarette. Our E-cig battery allows you to keep one at home and a second in the car or at the office.
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Cigarette Flavor

Electronic cigarettes provide the cigarette flavor and sensation of smoking without the tobacco, tar and offensive smoke. Red Dragon offers flavored electronic cartridges in regular cigarette flavor, menthol electronic cigarettes and other flavors, so you can enjoy the taste of your favorite type of tobacco without the smoke. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, our electronic cigarette can be enjoyed anywhere, indoors or outside, without offending the people around you.

The Red Dragon is available in several cigarette flavor options. The most popular flavors are regular tobacco flavor, light tobacco, Marlboro and menthol electronic cigarette cartridges. In addition, we have cartridges for flavored electronic cigarettes. These include cherry and vanilla flavors for people who want something other than the typical cigarette flavor.
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Four Different Ways to Become an Electronic Cigarette Distributor

Did you know that we have four different ways you can become involved in marketing and distributing our electric cigarette products? If you’re hard working, you can earn hundreds of dollars a day through these programs.

“We have a few ways people can start a business or add to their existing business using our distributor programs,” says Red Dragon’s Nick Evans. “We’ve had people work with us who became very successful and earned a lot of money with these distributor programs.”

Card Distributor: You would distribute business-sized cards displaying information about Red Dragon electronic cigarettes and including a special code that is specific to you. When customers buy products on our Web site and enter the discount code, they receive a 5% discount. You also receive a credit for the sale and cash back — a check for 10% of the amount.
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