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Four Different Ways to Become an Electronic Cigarette Distributor

Did you know that we have four different ways you can become involved in marketing and distributing our electric cigarette products? If you’re hard working, you can earn hundreds of dollars a day through these programs.

“We have a few ways people can start a business or add to their existing business using our distributor programs,” says Red Dragon’s Nick Evans. “We’ve had people work with us who became very successful and earned a lot of money with these distributor programs.”

Card Distributor: You would distribute business-sized cards displaying information about Red Dragon electronic cigarettes and including a special code that is specific to you. When customers buy products on our Web site and enter the discount code, they receive a 5% discount. You also receive a credit for the sale and cash back — a check for 10% of the amount.

“Card distributors don’t even need the actual cards to promote their codes,” says Evans. “Once you have a code, you can use any method you like to promote it.” You can advertise your code in blogs or chat rooms – or create an individual Web site to promote the code. Distributors publicize their codes on online classified sites or place them on coupon code Web sites. Place your code in newspaper ads or in a magazine. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

Everybody benefits from this program. It’s a great way to earn some quick money.

Stock Distributor: You would receive a profitable discount on large purchases of our electric cigarette products. The more you purchase, the greater the discount. For instance, current coupons on our Web site offer 15% off an order of $1000 and 20% off an order of $2000. Larger orders over $5000 can earn even deeper discounts. Once you own the Red Dragon products they are yours to sell in a retail or direct sales environment.

Bucks for Banners Promoter: You can earn free electronic cigarette products or cash by putting banner ads or links on other Web sites. The Red Dragon company will provide banners; you just place them and make sure they link properly to the Red Dragon Web site.
Retail Distributor: Along with exclusive pricing, Red Dragon provides point-of-sale banners, brochures and displays to retailers and master distributors (who supply multiple retail locations).

Learn More:
Learn more about Red Dragon at and about distributors at:
http://www.buyreddra … /distributor-program

About Red Dragon
Red Dragon electric cigarettes allow smokers to smoke wherever they want. The cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, tar or smoke found in cigarette smoke. They have a microchip, sensor and atomizing circuit. The circuit is activated when the smoker inhales and it vaporizes a nicotine and flavor solution in the electronic cigarette cartridge.

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