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Our Electric Cigarettes are a Big Hit with Women

Goodyear, AZ – When people think about smoking they tend to picture men enjoying cigarettes; however, out electric cigarette products are especially in demand among women. While women are sometimes attracted to the glamour accompanying smoking, they often wish for an alternative. They increasingly switch to electronic cigarettes, which give you the sensation of smoking without actual tobacco smoke.

While balancing the challenges of children, home, and job, women often have little time for themselves. Cigarette breaks are a traditional way to get a moment of peace in a crazy day. But tobacco makes you pay for that pleasure. And women are often more aware of it then men since they are often more health-conscious and see the doctor more frequently. Our products permit smokers an alternative to use in public or around children without worries about tobacco smoke.

Although many women feel sexy when smoking tobacco, researchers have determined that it can be very harmful to your skin, particularly on your face. As women grow older, they become more alert to tobacco’s detrimental effect on their skin. This is one reason why face creams and wrinkle removers have grown to a billion dollar market. But creams don’t prevent smoking-related skin problems. It has not been proven that an alternative to smoking like electric cigarettes can help with your skini but they do help avoid tobacco smells on breath and hair.

In addition, cigarettes are known for damaging and staining smokers’ teeth. Researchers have found that women buy more teeth whitening products than men. However, many smokers have discovered that no products can completely erase tobacco stains. No research has been done to prove that electronic cigarettes may help solve that problem.

Red Dragon’s electric cigarettes come in flavors that are popular with women, such as: Regular Tobacco (a smooth, chocolaty tobacco taste), Cherry (a popular fruit flavor) and Vanilla (a popular herb flavor). Our customers can special order an additional 19 flavors; we have the largest variety of flavors anywhere. We also supply the broadest range of Nicotine strengths in the industry: High (16 mg) Medium (11 mg) Low (6mg) and, the most popular, None (0 mg). In addition, our products can be customized with fashionable DragonSkins™ to accessorize your cigarettes.

Red Dragon is also owned by a woman. A master herbalist, the owner is well-versed in holistic and non-Western remedies. Knowing that smokers want an alternative to tobacco cigarettes – with or without Nicotine – she helped to create Red Dragon electric cigarettes to offer as choice.

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About Red Dragon
Red Dragon electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco or tar found in cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes are designed with a microchip, sensor and atomizing circuit. The circuit is activated when the smoker inhales and it vaporizes a nicotine and flavor solution in the electronic cigarette cartridge. The fine vapor mist provides the sensation and taste of smoking without tobacco smoke. Red Dragon electric cigarette cartridges last longer and produce more smoke than any other brand.

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