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Offering a New Product

Goodyear AZ – Red Dragon is now selling disposable versions of its wildly popular electronic cigarette. Every disposable unit has a battery, cartridge, and atomizer – just like Red Dragon’s reusable electronic cigarettes – but is completely disposable. One disposable device gives the smoker as many as 300 puffs – equal to 20 tobacco cigarettes.

The new cigarettes come in four different flavors: regular tobacco, vanilla, menthol, and cherry. They are also available in 4 Nicotine strengths: none (0mg), low (6mg), medium (11mg), and high (16mg). The suggested retail cost for one disposable is $9.95-$11.95, so they are a very cost effective substitute for traditional cigarettes.
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Just Launched a New Electric Cigarette Affiliate Program

Goodyear, AZ — After months of testing and tweaks, we have begun offering a new electric cigarette affiliate program, “Bucks for Banners,” and are now accepting new affiliates. The new platform, Affiliate Pro, permits distributors to join at no cost and begin promoting Red Dragon – all while receiving additional income.

The new Affiliate Pro system also allows our affiliates to get addition resources, including codes for banners, easy text links, and e-mail links that they can use when marketing. Affiliates earn money by positioning banner ads, creating more links to Red Dragon’s Web site, or marketing our products with emails. Distributors will receive a 20% commission on every sale resulting from their advertising efforts. The program also permits us to provide our electric cigarette affiliates with their monthly payments in a timely way.
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