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Red Dragon Products Announces Release of Latest V-4 Battery Technology

Red Dragon Products Announces Release of New V-4 Battery Technology.
Our latest battery uses a new air activated manual switch which allows full manual operation and the resulting unlimited vapor production. In addition, the control circuit was modified to eliminate the “after burn” effect, which will further increases life between charging.

In a news release, Red Dragon Products spokesperson Nick T. Evans, said in a statement: “Red Dragon Products focuses on continuous improvement and will continue to lead the development of the latest Electronic Cigarette technology.”

What to Look for in an Electric Cigarette

Goodyear, AZ – Electric cigarette are relatively new to the market and many consumers don’t know what features to look for when they are buying a product. In some ways the answer is the same as it would be for any other product, but it also depends, in part, on what features each smoker is seeking out.

Price: You can spend a lot of money on an electronic cigarette, but you don’t have to. “Red Dragon offers a high-quality e-cig that won’t cost you an arm and a leg,” explains Nick Evans of the Red Dragon electric cigarette company. When considering price, always remember to take into account the price of individual cartridges, since those are the parts you will be replacing the most often. However, electronic cigarettes will almost always cost less than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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Offering a New Disposable Electric Cigarette

Goodyear AZ – Our electronic cigarettes, which feature interchangeable cartridges, now come in a new disposable version. Just like our standard electric cigarettes, the disposables come with a battery, cartridge, and atomizer, but every component is completely disposable. And, each disposable gives a user as many as 300 puffs, equivalent to 20 tobacco cigarettes.

Available in four Nicotine strengths: none (0mg), low (6mg), medium (11mg), and high (16mg), the disposables are also offered in four flavors: regular tobacco, vanilla, menthol, and cherry. We suggest a retail price of $9.95-$11.95 for a single electric cigarette. So the disposable electronic cigarettes are a great value compared to conventional cigarettes.
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