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FDA To Treat the Electronic Cigarette Like Tobacco Cigarette

Goodyear, AZ - The Food and Drug Administration recently announced that they plan to regulate electric cigarettes like their tobacco counterparts, reveals the Red Dragon electronic cigarette company. The FDA’s announcement follows a December 2010 ruling by a D.C. appellate court upholding a previous judgment that the agency could not continue to treat electronic cigarettes as medical devices.

Under the provisions of the federal Tobacco Act of 2009, the FDA has statutory authority to control the marketing of cigarettes and traditional tobacco products. But it cannot regulate these products’ sale. The FDA had previously decided that electric cigarettes should be regulated as therapeutic or drug delivery devices. But an electronic cigarette manufacturer challenged this ruling in court.

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Top Five Reasons to Choose Red Dragon

Goodyear, AZ - Consumers who choose electric cigarettes are faced with a bewildering array of choices with different designs and features.

However, Red Dragon electronic cigarettes stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here are only a couple of the reasons to choose the Red Dragon brand.

1. Superior Design: Most smokers want an electronic cigarette like Red Dragon that looks and feels like a real cigarette - with the same size and appearance. A simple two-piece design means that Red Dragon cartridges are sturdy and easy to change. The Red Dragon electric cigarette is also convenient to re-charge using a wall charger, a car charger, or a USB charger. If you don’t want to charge and re-use your electronic cigarette, Red Dragon also sells a disposable version which offers the user up to 300 puffs per cigarette.

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