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Electronic Cigarettes’ Environmental Benefits

Goodyear, AZ - The electronic cigarette is better for the environment than its tobacco counterparts, observes the Red Dragon electric cigarette company. It is better for indoor air quality, users’ hygiene and the earth as a whole.

Waste: Cigarettes create a lot of waste. Many smokers carelessly throw cigarette butts on the ground, creating litter. And many of these butts also wash into rivers and lakes, polluting them. Even butts that are properly disposed of clutter up landfills - as does the cigarette packaging. The average smoker will smoke half a million cigarettes in a lifetime. And every year American smokers generate 2 billion pounds of cigarette butts. That’s a lot of trash. While tobacco and paper are biodegradable, filters are not. And cigarette components contain the dangerous chemicals found in tobacco; wherever the butts are discarded, those chemicals leech into the ground.

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Fathers Day Special

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