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Top Reasons for Switching to Electronic Cigarettes

Goodyear, AZ -There are many good reasons to give electronic cigarettes a try. “The list could go on and on,” explains Nick Evans, from the Red Dragon electric cigarette company. “Especially if you’re a current smoker and you’re comparing electric cigarettes to tobacco cigarettes.”
Here are just a few of the reasons to try ecigs:

Smarter Than Tobacco: With electronic cigarettes, you can have your nicotine without smoke or fire. You can enjoy the sensation of puffing without worrying about causing fires, creating smoke, or disposing of ashes. Furthermore, the electronic cigarette doesn’t contain the more than 4,000 chemicals - many of them toxic - that are found in the traditional tobacco cigarette.

Save Money: Depending on how many tobacco cigarettes you currently smoke, you could save as much as $250 a month by taking up electronic cigarettes. Although there is a higher upfront cost when you purchase a starter kit, expenses are lower after that because you only need to buy replacement cartridges and the occasional electric cigarette battery.

“Our cigarettes are a particularly good deal,” explains Evans. “Our electronic cigarettes and mini electronic cigarettes are high quality and have a lifetime guarantee but are far less expensive than many other brands.”

Smoke Anywhere: Every day the number of places where it’s acceptable to light up a tobacco cigarette shrinks dramatically. But, electric cigarettes don’t cause any noxious odors or secondhand smoke. When you puff, they emit only a little cloud of water vapor that quickly evaporates. While users have the satisfaction of feeling like they’re smoking, they don’t have to worry about violating any rules or regulations. Ecigs are particularly advantageous when traveling, since you can’t smoke tobacco on most trains or planes. Electronic cigarettes are also environmentally friendly. You won’t leave behind a trail of cigarette butts and won’t need to locate an ashtray each time you “light up.”

Different Nicotine Concentrations: We offer different cartridges with different levels of Nicotine. Some smokers use the varying Nicotine strengths, depending on their needs. Red Dragon’s ecigs are available in four levels of Nicotine: low (6mg), medium (11mg), high (16mg), and none (0mg) - the most popular choice.

Look and Smell Better: It’s a well-known fact that tobacco use can stain or yellow your teeth. But ecigs don’t contain the tar that causes staining. Instead, you’re breathing in water-like vapor. You also won’t go around with clothing or breath that smells like tobacco. In fact, our electric cigarettes are available in pleasant flavors like cherry and vanilla. “It’s a lot more pleasant to kiss someone who’s been using an ecig than someone who has a serious tobacco habit,” points out Evans.

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