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Our New USB Kit

Goodyear, AZ - Electric cigarette company Red Dragon has just released a new USB pass-through kit for use with its electronic cigarettes. The kit includes the pass-through device, a case and three replacement electronic cartridges.

Our USB pass through device uses the energy from a computer USB port (or other 2000mA USB power supply) to power the device. An electronic cigarette that uses what is known as the pass-through method will have no battery inside or anything that needs to be recharged.
“It’s great for people who sit at the computer for hours every day,” says Nick Evans from Red Dragon, an electric cigarettes manufacturer. “The e-cig user can plug in a cord that extends from the tip of the e-cigarette to the computer USB port.”

Since the device uses the computer’s power supply, there is no battery and you never have to worry about the battery going dead.

The pass-through device offers a new air-activated mechanical switch that allows unlimited vapor production and improved airflow control. As part of the launch of our new product, we are offering a limited-time 20 percent discount on the pass-through kits.

We offer other means to charge our battery operated electric cigarettes, including a portable battery recharger, which allows you to recharge your e-cig anywhere, and a cigarette USB charger adapter which allows you to charge your battery through a USB power supply, such as a car charger, wall charger or through a computer USB port. If you don’t want to bother with recharging your cigarette, we also sell a disposable e-cig that will let you puff for the equivalent of 20 tobacco cigarettes.

Our electronic cigarettes can be purchased in four different nicotine amounts: low (6mg), medium (11mg), high (16mg), and none (0mg) - the most popular option. We also have the widest assortment of flavors in the industry, including: menthol, regular tobacco (a smooth, chocolaty tobacco taste), cherry and vanilla. Customers also have the option of special ordering an additional 19 flavors. Each time you replace a cartridge, you can pick a new flavor and nicotine strength. We also sell various e-cig accessories.

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