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Offering New Deals on Our Kits

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - Electronic cigarette cartridge company Red Dragon will start offering its kits with extra cartridges. This will make the kits a particularly good value compared to competitors’ products.

Currently, our two-piece electronic cigs kit comes with one e-cig battery (with an attached cartridge in the customer’s choice of flavor and color) and one USB charger. It sells for $39.95. The company’s three-piece kit currently comes with one battery and cartridge, one USB charger and a carrying case. It sells for $49.95. We are changing these electric cig kits so each will include not just one cartridge, but five cartridges. The customer can choose the cartridge color, flavor and nicotine strength. However, the new kits will be offered for the same price as the previous kits, so it’s a significant value. Customers can get five cartridges for the price of one.

“Adding extra cartridges to our starter kits makes them comparable to other kits on the market that cost twice as much,” says Nick Evans of Red Dragon. “No other company offers a deal this good.” Our cartridges come in five nicotine amounts: low (6mg), medium (11mg), high (16mg), extra-high (24mg) and none (0mg) - the most popular choice. They also offer the widest assortment of flavors in the industry, including: vanilla, regular tobacco (a smooth, chocolaty tobacco taste), cherry and menthol. Our customers can also special order an additional 19 flavors. Every time a customer replaces a cartridge, he or she can select a new flavor and nicotine concentration.

“Our electric cigarette are a particularly good deal,” says Evans. “They are the best quality and provide a lifetime guarantee, but they cost far less than many other brands. People who currently smoke tobacco cigarettes can save even more - as much as $250 a month.”
We sell other products such as decorative Dragon Skins which let users customize the look of their electric cigarettes, a portable battery charger that allows customers to recharge their e-cigarettes anywhere and a vehicle charger that permits users to recharge the electronic cigarette in their cars. For customers who don’t want to bother with recharging their cigarettes, we also offer a disposable e-cig that will gives as many puffs as 20 tobacco cigarettes.

“Red Dragon produces more vapor than other electric cigarettes, provides more flavor choices and now these new kits offer the best value,” notes Evans. “Visit our site and see why we’re the company to come to when you’re looking for electric cigarettes.”

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