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Leading Electric Cigarette Manufacturer Partners With Online Auction Company

GOODYEAR, AZ - Red Dragon, an electronic cigarette manufacturer based in Arizona, announces their recent partnership with online auction house Ecig-Bay to market electric cigarettes and accessories.

“We are excited for this opportunity,” says Nick Evans, vice president of operations at Red Dragon, who is one of the top leaders in electric cigarette industry . “Our products have led the market through our exclusive electronic mini kits and accessories. Now we are able to offer our products at a discount and provide a fun and entertaining auction experience.”

Ecig-Bay is an online auction site where manufacturers can market and sell electronic cigs and accessories in an open auction. New and refurbished products are typically offered with low auction reserves and steep discounts.

Similar to Ebay, but specific to smokeless cigarettes and accessories, Ecig-Bay has found success in the European market and is making way in the United States by partnering with industry leaders such as Red Dragon.

Selling products directly from the manufacturers provides assurance in quality versus the risk of a third-party transaction, as some consumers may face on general online auction sites. “An auction experience can be quite fun and entertaining,” says Evans. “Saving money is an enjoyable experience as well.”

Factory refurbished or older versions of their products are listed on the site along with their latest devices, such as their USB ecig charger, Evans says. Instead of you having to replace your product with a new one, a factory refurbished replacement would be available on the auction site at a lower price.

With auction fees similar to that of other online bidding sites, offers manufacturers a new opportunity in product marketing. Ecig companies are now able to provide their customers a higher level of entertainment to their shopping experience.

Red Dragon is widely-known among consumers for its electric cigarette battery which provides a more authentic smoking experience. They produce specialty products and accessories in response to the ever-evolving industry of electronic cigarettes. Their forward-thinking in partnering with Ecig-Bay is yet another step toward the future of smokeless cigarette products.

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