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Red Dragon Offers Cigarette Alternative For Great American Smokeout

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - Electric cigarettes are often called smokeless cigarettes and produce a vapor which provides you with the oral experience of smoking without producing harmful secondhand smoke.

November marks the 36th Annual Great American Smokeout for the American Cancer Society, and Red Dragon, an Arizona-based manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and ecig accessories, offers smokers a cigarette alternative for this tobacco-free day.
The focus of the Great American Smokeout on Nov. 17 is to encourage smokers to step away from tobacco smoking, which is one of the major causes of lung cancer. Tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of early death and disease in the U.S., according to the American Cancer Society. Of the 46 million people in the U.S. who smoke, more than 50 percent of them attempted cessation for at least a day within the past year.

“The appeal of electric cigarettes and ecig accessories is that you receive the nicotine you crave without inhaling all the harmful chemicals and tar that are found in a tobacco cigarette,” says Nick Evans, vice president of operations at Red Dragon. “For those who truly are serious about giving up smoking, we offer an electronic cigarette that emits no nicotine at all.”

Red Dragon offers a variety of products and accessories to provide smokers with cigarette alternatives. Their exclusive ecig kits include an electric cigarette, cigarette battery and an electronic cigarette cartridge.

Serving as an alternative to tobacco, electronic cigarettes satisfy your oral fixation by providing you with a realistic smoking experience. Since no secondhand smoke is produced through the vapor, you can enjoy smoking anywhere indoors where smoking is prohibited.
“The cartridges are refillable and are available in a variety of flavors,” says Evans. “We offer regular tobacco, flue cured tobacco, light tobacco, menthol, cherry, apple and vanilla along with 16 other flavors available through special order. Our cartridges are easy to refill and provide additional savings since you can choose to either purchase new cartridges or just the e-liquid.”

The benefits claimed from using electronic cigarettes in lieu of tobacco cigarettes are no inhalation of tar, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide or other carcinogens that are produced when burning tobacco. Also, the savings are notable when comparing the costs of tobacco cigarettes to electric.
Another advantage is an ability to manage your nicotine intake by allowing you to choose the level of nicotine in the cigarette cartridge to the desired amount. Red Dragon offers refillable cartridges in five nicotine levels: extra-high (24mg), high (16mg), medium (11mg), low (6mg), and nicotine-free (0mg).
Electronic cigarette smokers can wean themselves off nicotine by gradually working their way down the levels until they reach nicotine-free status.

The benefits of quitting smoking are numerous, and kick in more quickly than you might think, according to information posted on the ACS website. Within just 20 minutes of quitting, your blood pressure and heart rate will drop.

A 1988 U.S. Surgeon General’s report states that carbon monoxide levels in your blood return to normal within 12 hours of quitting smoking.
Lung function increases and your circulation will improve once you have two to three weeks of tobacco-free living under your belt. Within one to nine months of quitting smoking, you will experience a decrease in coughing and feeling short of breath as the cilia- small, hair-like structures that move mucus out of the lungs- return to normal functioning abilities.

The longer you’re smoke-free, the greater the rewards. One year after you stop smoking, your risk of developing coronary heart disease will be half as much as a current smoker’s risk. Ten years after giving up the habit, you will have cut your likelihood of dying as a result of lung cancer in half, compared to a current smoker. You also will notably decrease your risk of getting pancreatic and larynx cancer.
Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but studies gathered by the American Cancer Society show that doing so presents a lifetime of benefits.

For more information on The Great American Smokeout and the American Cancer Society, visit the organization’s website:

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