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Leading Electric Cigarette Cartridges Manufacturer Releases New Product

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - Electronic cigarette manufacturer Red Dragon announces their newly released line of eGo Vaporizer kits.
Red Dragon has released two versions of their eGo Vaporizor kits, the eGo-T and the Red Dragon exclusive eGo-F2.
“We’re excited about our new eGo Vaporizer kits,” says Nick Evans vice president of operations at Red Dragon, a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarette cartridges based in Arizona. “Easy to fill with your choice of e-liquids, our kits are convenient to use and provide superior performance.”
The eGo-T kits are available in a variety of colors and come with two E-liquid atomizers, two rechargeable batteries, a wall power adapter and a USB charger which are all neatly stored in a gift box. The eGo-F2 Vaporizer features a USB charger built into the battery and uses a refillable clear cartridge.

“Both of our new eGo-T and eGo-F2 batteries feature a 5-click lockout function,” says Evans. “Simply click five times and the activation button locks. Click five times again and it unlocks. It’s perfect for storage and there’s no worry about draining the battery when you’re not using it.”
Convenient ecig accessories, such as the cigarette USB charger, allow you freedom on the go. The vaporizer kits are easy to charge by simply plugging one end of the USB cord directly into the vaporizer and pluggin the other into your computer, a wall adapter or any other USB 2.0 port or power source.
The devices use Red Dragon’s new e-liquid which produces a very thick, clean vapor. The e-liquid is available in an assortment of flavors and strengths which give you a variety of choices and affordable options.
“The Red Dragon exclusive clear cartomizer-cartridge used with the eGo-F2 makes changing flavors and strengths easy,” says Evans. “It is refillable and disposable which provides convenient smokeless pleasure for our customers.”
Best known for their exclusive mini ecig kits, Red Dragon continues to lead the electronic cigarette industry through constant evolution of their quality line of products and accessories.

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