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Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer Reveals Source Of Inspiration

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA- Electronic cigarette manufacturer Red Dragon has remained a leader in the ecig market with their exclusive products and accessories.

Nick Evans, co-founder and vice president of operations at Red Dragon, reveals the source of inspiration for the beginnings of the Arizona-based company.

“My wife used tobacco for 30 years and I was looking for a creative alternative to take the place of her smoking,” says Evans. “I discovered a brand of electronic cigarettes and bought one for her to try. As expensive as this product was, I did not expect it to break within the first day.”

Not to be dissuaded in his pursuit, Evans made contact with the manufacturer of the failed device with the desire to help them create a better product. A veteran in the medical equipment field, he researched his resources and finally decided to manufacture his own brand.

“I knew the idea had incredible potential, but the brands on the market were too expensive and unreliable,” says Evans. “To make matters worse, the manufacturers would not stand behind their products. My desire was to create a better product, provide less expensive choices and offer a lifetime warranty. We listen to our customers and continuously improve upon our products.”

Red Dragon has found success among consumers due to its superior quality in products. Known for their exclusive electronic cigarette battery and their mini ecig kit, they continue to pursue excellence in product manufacturing and customer service.

Smokers seeking relief from tobacco have many options available to them. Tobacco cessation programs advocated by the Federal Drug Administration and the American Medical Association offer assistance through promotion of nicotine patches, nicotine gum and prescription drugs. Nicotine inhalers have found their way onto the market, but have left the smoking population lacking in satisfaction.

Studies have shown that the percentage of smokers who quit averages around 50 percent when nicotine replacement therapy is implemented.
However, many smokers face a relapse after they have quit smoking.

Temptation increases throughout the holidays and during periods of stress when nicotine replacement products are not a satisfactory substitute for the comfort received from holding a cigarette, the oral fixation of inhaling or the sensation of a throat hit.

Electronic cigarettes are not marketed as a smoking cessation product, but instead are offered as an alternative means of receiving nicotine without the need for burning tobacco. All while providing the physical sensations of smoking conventional cigarettes.

Unlike conventional cigarettes where the nicotine and flavor are released by burning tobacco and chemical additives, electronic cigs are battery-powered devices which release the nicotine-flavored solution through vapor created from heating the electric cigarette liquid, or e-liquid, contained in the replaceable cartridge.

“We’re in this business to provide people a choice,” Evans says. “Electronic cigarettes provide a tobacco alternative for those seeking nicotine and flavor without the burning of tobacco.”

With exclusive manufacturing, Red Dragon has maintained their leadership in the electronic cigarette industry and continues to bring products to this market that offer variety to smokers.
Some of their more popular and innovative products have included the USB charger which enables the consumer to enjoy the convenience of charging their ecig at their desk through either a computer’s USB port or USB adaptor.

Although Evans explains that his wife does continue to use tobacco, he is pleased that she has significantly reduced her tobacco intake as a result of this alternative product.
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