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Red Dragon Announces Release of New V-5 Long Electronic Cigarette Battery

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - Electronic cigarette manufacturer Red Dragon announces their newly released V-5 Long battery.

“Our customers now have a choice between our existing V-5 Short battery and the new V-5 Long battery ,” says Nick Evans vice president of operations at Red Dragon, a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarette products based in Arizona. “Our V-5 Short battery has always been a favorite among our customer due to it’s compact size, which closely resembles a traditional cigarette. However, the smaller construction requires a smaller battery cell which results in a limited charge life.”

Red Dragon’s new V-5 Long battery is 30% longer then their Short battery and packs a whopping 50% more energy, therefore the time between charges is increased. Customers will no longer need to charge this battery as often.

“The longer battery is not for everyone,” states Evans, “It is longer and and a little heavier so it won’t be as comfortable to use as our V-5 Short Battery. However, this is the battery for those customers who desire a longer charge life over size.”

The difference between the two batteries are as follows:

V-5 Short Battery: Without the cartridge is 2-9/16” long and has a 220 mAh battery cell.
V-5 Long battery: Without cartridge is 3-5/15” long and packs a 330 mAh battery cell.

“Our 8-pc Kit now includes1 V-5 Short and 1 V-5 long battery to allow the customer to get both batteries in one kit,” says Evans. “Our 1-pc, 2-pc, and 3-pc kits all allow you to choose either the V-5 Short or the V-5 long battery. Red Dragon’s commitment to choices and variety continues with the inclusion of the V-5 Long battery.”

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