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Red Dragon’s 4th Anniversary Message

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA- Electric cigarette manufacturer Red Dragon Products celebrates it’s 4 year anniversary.

As all of us at Red Dragon reflect on 4 years of extraordinary growth and accomplishment, we are reminded how critically important the core principles to which we have always been committed—advanced design, careful craftsmanship, Distributor support and a rewarding customer experience—are to our success. These core principles helped set our company apart from all other e-cig manufacturers and today remain the foundation of our success.

Since our beginning in 2008, our Company has made a strong, industry-leading commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. Our commitment to quality customer service has taken its appropriate place alongside our core principles as a critical component of our continued success. Integrated throughout our business model, our commitment eagerly anticipates the challenges and embraces the opportunities that are a part of our industry.

Through our initiatives to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, respect for human rights and support for our business partners, we conduct our business in a manner we all can be proud of. Those practices have become an integral part of the Red Dragon brand promise. It is not only the right thing to do; it is the smart thing to do. It distinguishes us from our competitors, resonates with our customers and in so doing creates long-term relationships.

Over the past years, a number of issues have become increasingly important to our product sector. Globally, the Electronic cigarette industry continues to be tested by cheap and inferior products. There is a heightened awareness of the products by the media and government agencies. Many states are now accepting and taxing Electronic Cigarettes as tobacco products. Establishments are becoming accustom to seeing E-Smoking in their place of business. We are proud that progress has been made addressing many of the past issues, but much more needs to be done.

In 2012 Red Dragon continued its tradition of giving back to the community. Last year we donated over 2% of pre-tax earnings to The American Heart Association. Giving back is a key pillar of our sustainability efforts at Red Dragon.

Looking forward, in 2013 we plan to enhance our product line with the newest improvements in technology and products while creating an fun, enjoyable experience for our customers. Stay tuned….

We are extremely proud of our accomplishments over the last 4 years and are looking forward to being part of the evolving Electronic Cigarette industry for years to come. I invite you to review the content of our Blog and please comment. Thank you so very much for choosing Red Dragon!

Nick Evans
VP of Operations
Red Dragon Products LLC