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Red Dragon’s 4th Anniversary Message

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA- Electric cigarette manufacturer Red Dragon Products celebrates it’s 4 year anniversary.

As all of us at Red Dragon reflect on 4 years of extraordinary growth and accomplishment, we are reminded how critically important the core principles to which we have always been committed—advanced design, careful craftsmanship, Distributor support and a rewarding customer experience—are to our success. These core principles helped set our company apart from all other e-cig manufacturers and today remain the foundation of our success.

Since our beginning in 2008, our Company has made a strong, industry-leading commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. Our commitment to quality customer service has taken its appropriate place alongside our core principles as a critical component of our continued success. Integrated throughout our business model, our commitment eagerly anticipates the challenges and embraces the opportunities that are a part of our industry.

Through our initiatives to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, respect for human rights and support for our business partners, we conduct our business in a manner we all can be proud of. Those practices have become an integral part of the Red Dragon brand promise. It is not only the right thing to do; it is the smart thing to do. It distinguishes us from our competitors, resonates with our customers and in so doing creates long-term relationships.

Over the past years, a number of issues have become increasingly important to our product sector. Globally, the Electronic cigarette industry continues to be tested by cheap and inferior products. There is a heightened awareness of the products by the media and government agencies. Many states are now accepting and taxing Electronic Cigarettes as tobacco products. Establishments are becoming accustom to seeing E-Smoking in their place of business. We are proud that progress has been made addressing many of the past issues, but much more needs to be done.

In 2012 Red Dragon continued its tradition of giving back to the community. Last year we donated over 2% of pre-tax earnings to The American Heart Association. Giving back is a key pillar of our sustainability efforts at Red Dragon.

Looking forward, in 2013 we plan to enhance our product line with the newest improvements in technology and products while creating an fun, enjoyable experience for our customers. Stay tuned….

We are extremely proud of our accomplishments over the last 4 years and are looking forward to being part of the evolving Electronic Cigarette industry for years to come. I invite you to review the content of our Blog and please comment. Thank you so very much for choosing Red Dragon!

Nick Evans
VP of Operations
Red Dragon Products LLC

Steps to Better Health for the Men in your Life

Even with our celebration of Father’s Day and National Men’s Health Week this month, many men consider taking care of their health as less than a “manly” thing to do.

A report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality stated that men are much less less likely than women to have visited the doctor in the past year. Why so? Maybe that could be a reason why men are also more likely to be hospitalized for congestive heart failure, diabetes and pneumonia.

“I’m not sure why, maybe it’s a macho thing,” says Dr. Waverly, RN, BA of Mpls. “But as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Staying on top of your health can prevent a small issue from becoming big.”

The Centers for Disease Control offers the following steps to help prevent injury and disease:

1. Get routine Checkups. Visit your doctor at least once a year and do it every year. Talk to him or her about regular screenings for:
· Cholesterol
· Blood pressure
· Cardiovascular disease
· Depression
· Diabetes
· Colorectal cancer (after age 50) and other cancers
· Abdominal aortic aneurysm (after age 65)
2. Understand your numbers. They give you a view of your health. Your doctor should tell you what they mean and if they are within a normal range.
3. Manage prevention Make health a priority everyday and a part of your daily routine.
4. Get Plenty of sleep. Adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night to help prevent maladies such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression.
5. Don’t Smoke! If you enjoy smoking, switch to an alternative like Red Dragon Electronic cigarettes. Stay away from secondhand smoke. Quitting tobacco has immediate and long-term health benefits.
6. Stay active and exercise. Raise your heart rate and breathing for at least 2 1/2 hours a week. Divide your fitness schedule over the course of the week or into smaller chunks of time throughout the day.
7. Eat what’s good for you. Eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruits while limiting foods and drinks high in sugar, calories, salt, and fat.
8. Vaccines anyone? As a child you most likely received a few vaccinations. However, immunity to some diseases can fade over time. Regardless,some vaccinations are only for adults. Be sure to consult your doctor to learn more about what vaccinations are right for you.
9. Pay attention to Your Health! Are you thirsty often? do you have any rash or sores? DO you ever experience shortness of breath? If you or your loved ones experience any of these be sure they see a doctor right away.

“Men have to be strong and in good health in order to take care of themselves and the ones who count on them,” says Waverly. Committing to a healthy lifestyle and making sure to visit the doctor on a regular basis are keys to living a long and healthy life. Those who are proactive about maintaining their health will be able to take care of themselves and the people they care about.”

We wish you all a Happy Fathers Day and a life of good health!

Honor those who have served, not just on Memorial day.

As Memorial Day arrives with U.S. military personnel fighting overseas, This is a time for us to focus on the significance of this important holiday. We should remember all the individuals who died serving our country. Not just from the recent war but from all past wars, even the unpopular wars, from the shores of Europe, to the fields of Vietnam, to the sand of the Middle East.

Why not start a family tradition? Participate in a local parade, attend a cemetery ceremony, Hoist your flag, explain to your children the significance of the battles that were fought and how they impacted your family.

Bruce Hill Herndon once quoted: “Poor is the nation that has no heroes, but beggared is that nation that has them and forgets them.” It is our obligation to remember all of them.

There will be Memorial Day parades and ceremonies on television on Monday. Across the country, we will celebrate all that the honorable men and women in our armed forces have sacrificed for our country.
We should make Memorial Day a year-round event. Our veterans deserve to be thought of and thanked all year long.

After all, they are the reason we are living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Red Dragon Announces Release of New V-5 Long Electronic Cigarette Battery

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - Electronic cigarette manufacturer Red Dragon announces their newly released V-5 Long battery.

“Our customers now have a choice between our existing V-5 Short battery and the new V-5 Long battery ,” says Nick Evans vice president of operations at Red Dragon, a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarette products based in Arizona. “Our V-5 Short battery has always been a favorite among our customer due to it’s compact size, which closely resembles a traditional cigarette. However, the smaller construction requires a smaller battery cell which results in a limited charge life.”

Red Dragon’s new V-5 Long battery is 30% longer then their Short battery and packs a whopping 50% more energy, therefore the time between charges is increased. Customers will no longer need to charge this battery as often.

“The longer battery is not for everyone,” states Evans, “It is longer and and a little heavier so it won’t be as comfortable to use as our V-5 Short Battery. However, this is the battery for those customers who desire a longer charge life over size.”

The difference between the two batteries are as follows:

V-5 Short Battery: Without the cartridge is 2-9/16” long and has a 220 mAh battery cell.
V-5 Long battery: Without cartridge is 3-5/15” long and packs a 330 mAh battery cell.

“Our 8-pc Kit now includes1 V-5 Short and 1 V-5 long battery to allow the customer to get both batteries in one kit,” says Evans. “Our 1-pc, 2-pc, and 3-pc kits all allow you to choose either the V-5 Short or the V-5 long battery. Red Dragon’s commitment to choices and variety continues with the inclusion of the V-5 Long battery.”

© 2012 Red Dragon Products LLC. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Red Dragon is credited as sole source. Linking to other sites from this document is strictly prohibited, with the exception of herein imbedded links.

Red Dragon Rewards for Feedback

Save 20% on your next order by providing a testimonial of your opinion on e-smoking. Or provide your feedback. Please tell us, what can we do for you?

Since we started our business in 2008, listening to the feedback from our customers has been the key to our growth and success in the electronic cigarette industry. Now we are looking to expand out product line and we want to be sure we are giving you what you want.

Please take a moment to enter a testimonial or some feedback into our blog and in exchange we will e-mail to you a valuable 20% off coupon for use at our site.

Please note that due to FDA regulations, Testimonials that are to be published cannot reference our products as a Smoking Cessation product but instead as an “Alternative to Tobacco or similar product.” It would be great to hear your story as to how you discovered electronic cigarettes and your opinion of them.

Some ideas for feedback are:

What you like, or don’t like about Electronic Cigarette products.
Things that you would change about our products such as color, size, type or anything you can think of.
Products or services that you would like us to develop or provide on our site.
Flavors or strengths that you would like us to add to our line.
Or any ideas to help us provide a better website or e-smoking experience.
We will use your testimonials and feedback to fine tune and expand our product line while providing you with the products you want.

In exchange for your time we will send you a valuable coupon for 20% off anything in the store. Please be sure to enter your e-mail address in the appropriate box so that we can send you the coupon code.

Thanks again for choosing Red Dragon!

Sincerely yours,

Nick Evans
VP of Operations
Red Dragon Products LLC

*Please Note* The comments below are the opinions and viewpoints of our customers. Red Dragon Products and their affiliates in no way claim that the products listed on this site can help to cure or mitigate any disease whatsoever. The product is not intended to be a smoking cessation device.

Electronic Cigarette Manufacturer Reveals Source Of Inspiration

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA- Electronic cigarette manufacturer Red Dragon has remained a leader in the ecig market with their exclusive products and accessories.

Nick Evans, co-founder and vice president of operations at Red Dragon, reveals the source of inspiration for the beginnings of the Arizona-based company.

“My wife used tobacco for 30 years and I was looking for a creative alternative to take the place of her smoking,” says Evans. “I discovered a brand of electronic cigarettes and bought one for her to try. As expensive as this product was, I did not expect it to break within the first day.”

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E-Cigarettes Make the Perfect Gift For Smokers This Holiday Season

GOODYEAR, AZ - As the New Year approaches, many smokers will begin to assess their tobacco smoking habits. An electronic cigarette from Red Dragon, a mini electronic cigarettes company, is the perfect gift to get your friends and loved ones motivated.

“Giving someone an electronic cigarette as a gift will not produce feelings of resentment, as they can use it however they please,” said Nick Evans from Red Dragon. “They can choose their e-cig cartridge and customize it based on nicotine intensity, flavor and design. You are not judging their smoking, you are simply showing them that there is an alternative to cigarettes.”

E-cigs are a revolutionary electronic smoking device designed as an ideal alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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Leading Electric Cigarette Cartridges Manufacturer Releases New Product

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - Electronic cigarette manufacturer Red Dragon announces their newly released line of eGo Vaporizer kits.
Red Dragon has released two versions of their eGo Vaporizor kits, the eGo-T and the Red Dragon exclusive eGo-F2.
“We’re excited about our new eGo Vaporizer kits,” says Nick Evans vice president of operations at Red Dragon, a leading manufacturer of electronic cigarette cartridges based in Arizona. “Easy to fill with your choice of e-liquids, our kits are convenient to use and provide superior performance.”
The eGo-T kits are available in a variety of colors and come with two E-liquid atomizers, two rechargeable batteries, a wall power adapter and a USB charger which are all neatly stored in a gift box. The eGo-F2 Vaporizer features a USB charger built into the battery and uses a refillable clear cartridge.

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Electric Cigarette Liquids Are Secret Behind Quality In Smokeless Vapor

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - The growing popularity of electronic cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes has increased the drive in competition and quality among manufacturers to produce a more authentic smoking experience for consumers. The key element dictating the quality of the experience in smoking an electric cigarette is the electronic cigarette liquid.

Nick Evans, vice president of operations at Red Dragon, a leading electric cigarette manufacturer based in Arizona, comments on the use of e-liquid in the electronic cigarette cartridge to create this desired experience.

Electronic cigarette liquid, or e-liquid, is the source of vapor in smokeless cigarettes,” says Evans. “The liquid is heated by an atomizer which then produces the vapor. It is the quality of the e-liquid ingredients which determines how clean and thick the vapor will be.”

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Red Dragon Offers Cigarette Alternative For Great American Smokeout

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - Electric cigarettes are often called smokeless cigarettes and produce a vapor which provides you with the oral experience of smoking without producing harmful secondhand smoke.

November marks the 36th Annual Great American Smokeout for the American Cancer Society, and Red Dragon, an Arizona-based manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and ecig accessories, offers smokers a cigarette alternative for this tobacco-free day.
The focus of the Great American Smokeout on Nov. 17 is to encourage smokers to step away from tobacco smoking, which is one of the major causes of lung cancer. Tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of early death and disease in the U.S., according to the American Cancer Society. Of the 46 million people in the U.S. who smoke, more than 50 percent of them attempted cessation for at least a day within the past year.

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Leading Electric Cigarette Manufacturer Partners With Online Auction Company

GOODYEAR, AZ - Red Dragon, an electronic cigarette manufacturer based in Arizona, announces their recent partnership with online auction house Ecig-Bay to market electric cigarettes and accessories.

“We are excited for this opportunity,” says Nick Evans, vice president of operations at Red Dragon, who is one of the top leaders in electric cigarette industry . “Our products have led the market through our exclusive electronic mini kits and accessories. Now we are able to offer our products at a discount and provide a fun and entertaining auction experience.”

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Updated USB Powered Electronic Cigarette Kits Hit Market

GOODYEAR - Electric cigarette and ecig accessories manufacturer Red Dragon recently announced the update of their USB Passthrough, an electronic cigarette kit which allows smokers to enjoy smokeless cigarettes at the office without the hassle of charging batteries.
“This device utilizes power from the USB ports on a computer. It’s perfect for those who spend time by their computer in the home or office,” says Nick Evans, vice president of operations at Red Dragon. “One never has to worry about recharging the electric cigarette battery again. There is no battery to recharge.”
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Red Dragon Smokes Their Competition With Superior Customer Service

GOODYEAR - Consumers who choose mini electronic cigarettes over traditional tobacco cigarettes are faced with many options when making a decision to purchase smokeless cigarettes, however, customers have found themselves plagued with less than desirable customer service.

One of the primary complaints among consumers has been the deception among companies offering free electric electronic cig starter kits where you pay for only the shipping and handling or buy a quantity of cartridges. This transaction requires a credit card and once you pay for the kit you are automatically, and sometimes unknowingly, entered into a contract for automatic charges for refill cartridges each month charging your credit card without your consent.
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Red Dragon Now Offering Instant Wholesale Pricing

For immediate Press release

Red Dragon Products, an Arizona company today reported they will begin offering all customers instant wholesale distributor pricing on select products found on their website at

Commenting on the offer, Red Dragon Products’ VP of Operations Nick Evans stated: “As a market leading brand of Electronic Cigarettes, Red Dragon is committed to our customers and distributors.” Mr. Evans stated further: ” Providing instant wholesale pricing on our website will allow prospective distributors fast access to discounted pricing enabling them to quickly enter into an Electronic Cigarette business, which is estimated to be a $200,000,000 industry.”

Red Dragons instant wholesale pricing is based upon units purchased with the first price drop at a purchase of 100 units or more.

For more information on the Red Dragon distributor programs, please contact Red Dragon Distributor Support.

Offering New Deals on Our Kits

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - Electronic cigarette cartridge company Red Dragon will start offering its kits with extra cartridges. This will make the kits a particularly good value compared to competitors’ products.

Currently, our two-piece electronic cigs kit comes with one e-cig battery (with an attached cartridge in the customer’s choice of flavor and color) and one USB charger. It sells for $39.95. The company’s three-piece kit currently comes with one battery and cartridge, one USB charger and a carrying case. It sells for $49.95. We are changing these electric cig kits so each will include not just one cartridge, but five cartridges. The customer can choose the cartridge color, flavor and nicotine strength. However, the new kits will be offered for the same price as the previous kits, so it’s a significant value. Customers can get five cartridges for the price of one.

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Introducing New Refill Kits

GOODYEAR, AZ - Red Dragon, a mini electronic cigarette company, has started selling new refill kits. The kits, which have become a big seller, allow the user to refill electronic cartridges rather than purchasing new ones.

If users buy a pre-filled cartridge, it usually costs them $11.95 for a pack of four, so the value of each cartridge is about $3.00. However, for $5.95, a customer can buy a 5ml bottle of Red Dragon’s e-liquid, which will refill a cartridge more than six times ( 0.8ml used per refill). So the cost to refill is about ninety four cents per cartridge. Therefore, customers who use the refill bottle can save $ 2.06 off the cost of a cartridge. “We just released the new kits on our website and they are flying off the shelves,” says Nick Evans from Red Dragon. “Apparently there are a lot of people who want to save money by refilling their own cartridges. They recognize that it’s really a great deal.”

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Red Dragon Offering Economical Kits with Extra Cartridges

Currently Red Dragon’s econimical 2-piece electronic cigs kit comes with one e-cig battery (with an attached cartridge in the customer’s choice of flavor and color) and one USB charger. It sells for $39.95. The company’s 3-piece starter kit comes with one battery (and cartridge), one USB charger and a carrying case. It sells for $49.95.

As of today Red Dragon is now adding additional cartridges to these electric cig kits so each will include not just one cartridge but a total of five cartridges. As always the customer can choose a White or Gold cartridge color, between 6 stock flavors and between 4 nicotine strengths. As a bonus the new kits will be sold for the same price as the previous kits, so it’s a very significant value. Customers now get five cartridges for the price of one.

“Adding the extra cartridges to our starter kits make them comparable to other economical kits on the market that cost twice as much,” says Nick Evans of Red Dragon. “No other company can offer a deal this good.”

“Red Dragon produces more vapor than other electric cigarettes, provides more flavor choices and now these new kits offer the best value,” notes Evans.

Our New USB Kit

Goodyear, AZ - Electric cigarette company Red Dragon has just released a new USB pass-through kit for use with its electronic cigarettes. The kit includes the pass-through device, a case and three replacement electronic cartridges.

Our USB pass through device uses the energy from a computer USB port (or other 2000mA USB power supply) to power the device. An electronic cigarette that uses what is known as the pass-through method will have no battery inside or anything that needs to be recharged.
“It’s great for people who sit at the computer for hours every day,” says Nick Evans from Red Dragon, an electric cigarettes manufacturer. “The e-cig user can plug in a cord that extends from the tip of the e-cigarette to the computer USB port.”

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Top Reasons for Switching to Electronic Cigarettes

Goodyear, AZ -There are many good reasons to give electronic cigarettes a try. “The list could go on and on,” explains Nick Evans, from the Red Dragon electric cigarette company. “Especially if you’re a current smoker and you’re comparing electric cigarettes to tobacco cigarettes.”
Here are just a few of the reasons to try ecigs:

Smarter Than Tobacco: With electronic cigarettes, you can have your nicotine without smoke or fire. You can enjoy the sensation of puffing without worrying about causing fires, creating smoke, or disposing of ashes. Furthermore, the electronic cigarette doesn’t contain the more than 4,000 chemicals - many of them toxic - that are found in the traditional tobacco cigarette.

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Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Online

GOODYEAR, AZ- Red Dragon has recently started selling a disposable version of its popular electronic cigarettes through its website. Our disposable electric cigarette is longer lasting than many other disposables, but offers the same features as our regular e-cigarettes.

“We have been selling these disposable electric cigarettes for the last year exclusively through our network of hundreds of retail outlets,” explains Nick Evans from Red Dragon. “It has been a very strong seller and a favorite among the merchants. Within the last few weeks, we added this model to our website, primarily because of customer demand.”

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Getting Started with Electronic Cigarettes

Goodyear, AZ - Many people are curious about our electronic cigarettes, but they aren’t sure how to get started. Although the system may look a little complicated at first, it’s actually very simple to start puffing away on your first electric cigarette.

“There are three basic components,” explains Nick Evans, from Red Dragon. “There is the electronic cigarette battery, the e-cig cartridge (which contains a liquid including your choice of flavor and nicotine strength), and a charging system to recharge your cigarette. At Red Dragon, you can purchase these items separately or all together in a money-saving kit.”
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Electronic Cigarettes’ Environmental Benefits

Goodyear, AZ - The electronic cigarette is better for the environment than its tobacco counterparts, observes the Red Dragon electric cigarette company. It is better for indoor air quality, users’ hygiene and the earth as a whole.

Waste: Cigarettes create a lot of waste. Many smokers carelessly throw cigarette butts on the ground, creating litter. And many of these butts also wash into rivers and lakes, polluting them. Even butts that are properly disposed of clutter up landfills - as does the cigarette packaging. The average smoker will smoke half a million cigarettes in a lifetime. And every year American smokers generate 2 billion pounds of cigarette butts. That’s a lot of trash. While tobacco and paper are biodegradable, filters are not. And cigarette components contain the dangerous chemicals found in tobacco; wherever the butts are discarded, those chemicals leech into the ground.

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Fathers Day Special

Today’s special: Save 20% off a purchase for your father! Use coupon PROMO20 at the “My Cart” page or at any of the coupon code boxes found throughout the site. Happy Fathers Day!

FDA To Treat the Electronic Cigarette Like Tobacco Cigarette

Goodyear, AZ - The Food and Drug Administration recently announced that they plan to regulate electric cigarettes like their tobacco counterparts, reveals the Red Dragon electronic cigarette company. The FDA’s announcement follows a December 2010 ruling by a D.C. appellate court upholding a previous judgment that the agency could not continue to treat electronic cigarettes as medical devices.

Under the provisions of the federal Tobacco Act of 2009, the FDA has statutory authority to control the marketing of cigarettes and traditional tobacco products. But it cannot regulate these products’ sale. The FDA had previously decided that electric cigarettes should be regulated as therapeutic or drug delivery devices. But an electronic cigarette manufacturer challenged this ruling in court.

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Top Five Reasons to Choose Red Dragon

Goodyear, AZ - Consumers who choose electric cigarettes are faced with a bewildering array of choices with different designs and features.

However, Red Dragon electronic cigarettes stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here are only a couple of the reasons to choose the Red Dragon brand.

1. Superior Design: Most smokers want an electronic cigarette like Red Dragon that looks and feels like a real cigarette - with the same size and appearance. A simple two-piece design means that Red Dragon cartridges are sturdy and easy to change. The Red Dragon electric cigarette is also convenient to re-charge using a wall charger, a car charger, or a USB charger. If you don’t want to charge and re-use your electronic cigarette, Red Dragon also sells a disposable version which offers the user up to 300 puffs per cigarette.

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Celebrities Love to Puff an Electric Cigarette

Goodyear, AZ – The Red Dragon electric cigarette company recently noted the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes among celebrities of all kinds.
“More and more, you are hearing about celebrities using electric cigarettes. They don’t have all the toxic chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes and they’re more pleasant to use,” notes Nick Evans of Red Dragon.

Leonardo DiCaprio was seen puffing on an electronic cigarette in March on the streets of New York City. Katherine Heigl had a famous appearance on the Late Night with David Letterman show in September 2010. She endorsed ecigs as an alternative cigarette compared to tobacco versions, saying she had tried everything else to quit smoking. During her visit, she explained how electric cigarettes work and David Letterman also took a puff.

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Red Dragon’s new V-5 Electronic Cigarette Battery Now On Sale

Red Dragon’s new V-5 Electronic Cigarette Battery Now On Sale

“Leading the industry with new battery technology is a mission at Red Dragon,” reports VP of Operations, Nick T Evans. “Red Dragon Products focuses on continuous improvement and will continue to develop the latest Electronic Cigarette technology.”

New features of the battery include:

1.) New protection circuit to reduce battery failures caused by shorted cartridges.
2.) Increased atomizer current to produce more vapor.
3.) Improved “unlimited” active draw duration circuit.
4.) Improved airflow path to allow less draw resistance and more vapor.
5.) Improved battery cell.

In addition to the new V-5 battery Red Dragon has also produced a new USB charger that is matched to the V-5 battery providing matched current and voltage profiles during charging.

Addressing Misconceptions about Electric Cigarettes

Goodyear, AZ- Red Dragon electric cigarettemanufacturer addresses some misconceptions and myths about electric cigarettes:

Myth: Electronic cigarettes are marketed to children.
Fact: Electronic cigarettes are intended for adults who already smoke. Electronic cigarette industry leaders do not follow any marketing practices that make their products appealing to children or teenagers. Companies encourage retail markets to check for identification and ask for validation of age on online purchases of electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette accessories. A recent study found that the average e-cig user is 44 years old.

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Electric Cigarettes Industry Wins Victory in Court

A recent United States appeals court ruling has said that the government, specifically the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), cannot halt the sale or import of electric cigarettes under existing laws. A three-judge appellate panel upheld a lower court ruling stating that the FDA has no authority to block the sales of battery-powered nicotine devices. The FDA had appealed a January 2010 decision by Federal Judge Leon.

Because they are not marketed for therapeutic or smoking cessation purposes, the court ruled that electronic cigarettes should be regulated like tobacco products rather than like smoking cessation aids like nicotine gum or patches. The ruling means that the electric cigarette industry will not need to conduct expensive clinical trials to prove that their products are safe and effective to help smokers stop smoking.

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Red Dragon offers Free Shipping of Electronic Cigarettes

Here’s a way to get free shipping on your order from Red Dragon:

Go to and place the items of your choice (totalling $50 or more) in your cart.

As long as your cart subtotal is at least $50, a free FedEx Express shipping option will appear at checkout.

Prior to checkout you can go to the “My Cart” page and get a shipping quote to confirm the Free Shipping option.

Thanks again for choosing Red Dragon!

Holiday Specials and Coupons

Happy Holidays from Red Dragon!
Here is another chance to save with valuable offers from Red Dragon.

20% OFF ON ORDERS OF $125 OR MORE! (Use Code PROMO20)

That’s a savings of $25.00 or more!

Offers expire Midnight Tuesday, November 30th. Discounts not valid on previous purchases.

Instructions for Discount: Go to the and fill your cart with the items of your choice.

If your cart subtotal is at least $125 enter the Coupon Code PROMO20 into any of the discount code boxes found throughout the site to get 20% off!

Then go to the “My Cart” page to see your discount.

Thanks for choosing Red Dragon!

Red Dragon’s Electric Cigarette is Budget Friendly

GOODYEAR, AZ - Red Dragon, the premier manufacturer of electric cigarettes, is proud to provide products that not only enable customers to enjoy a non-offensive smoking experience — but also save a considerable amount of money during these difficult economic times.

Alternatives to traditional smoking exist, but the cost can be very high and the experience not remotely pleasurable. Once the initial investment is made in purchasing items needed for electronic cigarette smoking, the costs of continuing the electric smoking experience are far less than the prices of traditional smoking products. There are calculators on Red Dragon’s site to help customers determine how much they can save.
At one pack per day at a cost of $5 per pack, the annual savings would be $730. Customers can use the savings to pay off debt, build a savings account or otherwise enhance household budgets. True, customers could spend a lot of money on electric cigarettes, but that is not necessary. “We provide extremely high quality electronic cigarettes that will not destroy your budget,” says Red Dragon spokesperson Nick Evans. When calculating a budget for prices, remember to consider the cost of individual cartridges. These are the items that will most often need to be replaced. Even so, electronic cigarettes nearly always are less expensive than traditional, tobacco cigarettes.

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Red Dragon’s Electric Cigarette Has Style

GOODYEAR, AZ - Customers of Red Dragon’s premier electric cigarette manufacturer do not have to simply use one product style or flavor – there are choices to be made that put some fashionable taste into the experience.
In addition to electric cigarette, the company has several electronic cigarette accessories for customers of the Red Dragon system. On the website,, customers may browse the many cigarette accessories to find batteries, chargers, skins for the Red Dragon, or a stylish carrying case.
“We offer so many selections as a way of allowing our customers to individualize their kits in a stylish way,” says Red Dragon spokesperson Nick Evans. “It’s more fun for the customers, and provides them with a way of making their own personal fashion statement with their systems.”

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Red Dragon Products Announces Release of Latest V-4 Battery Technology

Red Dragon Products Announces Release of New V-4 Battery Technology.
Our latest battery uses a new air activated manual switch which allows full manual operation and the resulting unlimited vapor production. In addition, the control circuit was modified to eliminate the “after burn” effect, which will further increases life between charging.

In a news release, Red Dragon Products spokesperson Nick T. Evans, said in a statement: “Red Dragon Products focuses on continuous improvement and will continue to lead the development of the latest Electronic Cigarette technology.”

What to Look for in an Electric Cigarette

Goodyear, AZ – Electric cigarette are relatively new to the market and many consumers don’t know what features to look for when they are buying a product. In some ways the answer is the same as it would be for any other product, but it also depends, in part, on what features each smoker is seeking out.

Price: You can spend a lot of money on an electronic cigarette, but you don’t have to. “Red Dragon offers a high-quality e-cig that won’t cost you an arm and a leg,” explains Nick Evans of the Red Dragon electric cigarette company. When considering price, always remember to take into account the price of individual cartridges, since those are the parts you will be replacing the most often. However, electronic cigarettes will almost always cost less than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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Offering a New Disposable Electric Cigarette

Goodyear AZ – Our electronic cigarettes, which feature interchangeable cartridges, now come in a new disposable version. Just like our standard electric cigarettes, the disposables come with a battery, cartridge, and atomizer, but every component is completely disposable. And, each disposable gives a user as many as 300 puffs, equivalent to 20 tobacco cigarettes.

Available in four Nicotine strengths: none (0mg), low (6mg), medium (11mg), and high (16mg), the disposables are also offered in four flavors: regular tobacco, vanilla, menthol, and cherry. We suggest a retail price of $9.95-$11.95 for a single electric cigarette. So the disposable electronic cigarettes are a great value compared to conventional cigarettes.
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Offering a New Product

Goodyear AZ – Red Dragon is now selling disposable versions of its wildly popular electronic cigarette. Every disposable unit has a battery, cartridge, and atomizer – just like Red Dragon’s reusable electronic cigarettes – but is completely disposable. One disposable device gives the smoker as many as 300 puffs – equal to 20 tobacco cigarettes.

The new cigarettes come in four different flavors: regular tobacco, vanilla, menthol, and cherry. They are also available in 4 Nicotine strengths: none (0mg), low (6mg), medium (11mg), and high (16mg). The suggested retail cost for one disposable is $9.95-$11.95, so they are a very cost effective substitute for traditional cigarettes.
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Just Launched a New Electric Cigarette Affiliate Program

Goodyear, AZ — After months of testing and tweaks, we have begun offering a new electric cigarette affiliate program, “Bucks for Banners,” and are now accepting new affiliates. The new platform, Affiliate Pro, permits distributors to join at no cost and begin promoting Red Dragon – all while receiving additional income.

The new Affiliate Pro system also allows our affiliates to get addition resources, including codes for banners, easy text links, and e-mail links that they can use when marketing. Affiliates earn money by positioning banner ads, creating more links to Red Dragon’s Web site, or marketing our products with emails. Distributors will receive a 20% commission on every sale resulting from their advertising efforts. The program also permits us to provide our electric cigarette affiliates with their monthly payments in a timely way.
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Our Electric Cigarettes are a Big Hit with Women

Goodyear, AZ – When people think about smoking they tend to picture men enjoying cigarettes; however, out electric cigarette products are especially in demand among women. While women are sometimes attracted to the glamour accompanying smoking, they often wish for an alternative. They increasingly switch to electronic cigarettes, which give you the sensation of smoking without actual tobacco smoke.

While balancing the challenges of children, home, and job, women often have little time for themselves. Cigarette breaks are a traditional way to get a moment of peace in a crazy day. But tobacco makes you pay for that pleasure. And women are often more aware of it then men since they are often more health-conscious and see the doctor more frequently. Our products permit smokers an alternative to use in public or around children without worries about tobacco smoke.
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Our Electronic Cigarettes Offer More Choices than Other Brands

Goodyear, AZ – Red Dragon’s electronic cigarettes provide more options in kits, flavors, and strengths than all other brands. “We were the first brand to provide anything like Dragon Skins, which permit you to customize your cigarette’s appearance,” says Red Dragon’s Nick Evans. “We are also very careful never to list anything on our Web site that isn’t immediately available – so you know you can get our products right away.”

Red Dragon electric cigarettes provide other benefits:
Vapor: We have the only kind of electronic cigarettes with a V-3 battery – which gives the smoker the thickest vapor. The circuitry for other brands provides vapor in 3 second bursts. Our V-3 battery creates vapor as long as the smoker draws on it. This allows the smoker to have thick, smoke-like vapor.
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Best Electronic Cigarettes

Red Dragon is one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market. This unique device is an alternative to cigarettes that allows you to smoke anywhere, even indoors with no offensive smoke or odor. Electric cigarettes provide the sensation of smoking and save money. Use the calculator on our website to see how much money the Red Dragon will save you.

In addition, electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco or tar which is found in cigarette smoke. The cigarette cartridge produces a fine vapor mist that provides the sensation of smoking without tobacco smoke. This vapor evaporates in seconds and, unlike a regular cigarette, the Red Dragon is not offensive to the people around you.
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Alternative To Smoking Cigarettes

The Red Dragon offers an alternative to smoking cigarettes. This electronic cigarette is a smarter smoking alternative that allows you to experience the sensation of smoking a real cigarette without the hassles of smoking. The increase in anti smoking laws and public awareness about the health effects of smoking has made it nearly impossible to enjoy smoking cigarettes in public.

The Red Dragon has no flame, tobacco, tar or smoke. The cartridge allows you to inhale and exhale a fine vapor that evaporates almost immediately. There is no offensive odor or lingering smoke to irritate the people around you. The electronic cigarette can be enjoyed anywhere, indoors or outside.
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Mini Electric Cigarettes

Red Dragon mini electric cigarettes are high grade smokeless electric cigarettes. There are many electric cig products on the market, but they vary widely in construction and quality. We use a unique two piece design with the highest quality materials in all components for an enjoyable smoking alternative to cigarettes.

The simple, yet innovative design of our electric cig makes maintenance effortless. The competition sells complicated, four component smokeless electric cigarettes, providing more to go wrong. In addition, separate atomizers need to be maintained and changed frequently. Our unique two piece design includes a high grade battery and cartridge for ease of use.
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Electronic Cigarette Accessories

In addition to electronic cigarettes, we carry several electronic cigarette accessories for your Red Dragon. Browse our electronic cigarette accessories to find batteries, chargers, skins for the Red Dragon, a stylish carrying case for your electronic cigarettes and more.

In our electronic cigarette accessories category, you will find an electronic cigarette battery to replace the worn out batteries in your Red Dragon. Screw on a cartridge and use the replacement battery as a second electronic cigarette. Our E-cig battery allows you to keep one at home and a second in the car or at the office.
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Cigarette Flavor

Electronic cigarettes provide the cigarette flavor and sensation of smoking without the tobacco, tar and offensive smoke. Red Dragon offers flavored electronic cartridges in regular cigarette flavor, menthol electronic cigarettes and other flavors, so you can enjoy the taste of your favorite type of tobacco without the smoke. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, our electronic cigarette can be enjoyed anywhere, indoors or outside, without offending the people around you.

The Red Dragon is available in several cigarette flavor options. The most popular flavors are regular tobacco flavor, light tobacco, Marlboro and menthol electronic cigarette cartridges. In addition, we have cartridges for flavored electronic cigarettes. These include cherry and vanilla flavors for people who want something other than the typical cigarette flavor.
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Four Different Ways to Become an Electronic Cigarette Distributor

Did you know that we have four different ways you can become involved in marketing and distributing our electric cigarette products? If you’re hard working, you can earn hundreds of dollars a day through these programs.

“We have a few ways people can start a business or add to their existing business using our distributor programs,” says Red Dragon’s Nick Evans. “We’ve had people work with us who became very successful and earned a lot of money with these distributor programs.”

Card Distributor: You would distribute business-sized cards displaying information about Red Dragon electronic cigarettes and including a special code that is specific to you. When customers buy products on our Web site and enter the discount code, they receive a 5% discount. You also receive a credit for the sale and cash back — a check for 10% of the amount.
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Red Dragon Products Announces Release of New V-3 Battery

Red Dragon Products LLC, USA has announced that today they will begin distributing their new and improved V-3 battery. This battery is almost identical to the previous version but is using an improved battery cell and circuitry to allow better performance, unlimited vapor production and longer charge hold times.

In a news release, Red Dragon Products spokesperson Nick T. Evans, said in a statement: “As battery technology evolves so will the quality and performance of our electronic cigarettes battery. Red Dragon Products is committed to continuous improvement and will continue to invest in the latest technology as it becomes available.”

Red Dragon Products Announces OEM Service to Wholesale Customers

Red Dragon Products LLC, USA has announced today that they will begin receiving OEM orders for electronic cigarettes, cartridges and accessories. Wholesale customers can now create their own branded E-Cigarette kit with custom made packaging and artwork.

In a news release today, Red Dragon VP of Operations Nick T. Evans stated “We now have the ability to expand our market to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers with a service that was previously only available by dealing with unknown individuals overseas.”

Mr. Evans stated that the custom kits will contain the same components used for the successful Red Dragon Products brand and will be backed by the Red Dragon Products Warranty as defined in their wholesale agreement. Pricing is said to be very reasonable and competitive.
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New Red Dragon Exclusive Battery and USB Charger Released Today

Our mission of continuous improvement has reached another milestone. We are very proud to announce that today we are releasing our latest version of the Red Dragon Mini Electronic Cigarette. The battery may look similar when compared to our older model but the difference is in the electronics inside.

As we have learned, the battery and the USB charger work hand-in-hand. In the old days, a bad USB charger could wreck a new battery. Or, a bad battery could wreck a new USB charger. This has plagued the Electronic Cigarettes industry and has challenged many other suppliers since the beginning.

This new, highly engineered, high quality electronic battery is designed to hold a charge longer, last longer and provide more consistent results.
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Red Dragon Announces Partnership with ECL Today

Red Dragon Products has announced today that they have formed an agreement with a company named ECL or Electronic-Cig-Liquid for contract filling of replacement Red Dragon Electronic Cigarette cartridges. ECL uses a proprietary liquid blend that does not contain chemicals that may be found in some other brands of e-liquid. ECL also uses state-of-the-art filling equipment designed by a pharmaceutical process development engineer. The result is what we believe to be a better quality liquid with cartridges filled in a controlled environment.

Red Dragon Marketing and Sales

Electric Cigarettes Offer Convenience and Cost Savings

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - Imagine being able to smoke anywhere, even indoors, using cigarettes with no tobacco, tar, or smoke. This dream can be a reality with Red Dragon electric cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are designed with a microchip, sensor and atomizing circuit. The circuit is activated when you inhale and vaporizes a nicotine and flavor solution in the electronic cigarette cartridge. The vapor has the taste of cigarette smoke without the irritating, smelly smoke. The vapor evaporates in seconds.

Red Dragon electronic cigarettes offer a wide range of benefits:

  1. They don’t contain tobacco, tar or smoke found in cigarette smoke.
  2. Red Dragon cartridges last longer and produce more vapor than any other brand.
  3. They are not bothersome to the people around you.
  4. Cartridges typically last the equivalent of 10 to 20 regular cigarettes. So electric cigarettes pay for themselves.
  5. They have no flame, making them less hazardous.
  6. Anti-smoking laws have made it hard to enjoy a cigarette in public. But, you can puff a Red Dragon anywhere, even indoors, without irritating others
  7. The cartridges are available in three nicotine strengths or nicotine-free.
  8. Flavors include regular tobacco, mild tobacco, menthol, vanilla, and cherry.
  9. Red Dragon offers a one-year warranty on all electric cigarette parts.

The Red Dragon electric cigarette cartridge attaches to a rechargeable battery unit. The battery lasts for up to four hours of continuous charging and can be recharged in three hours. Both the battery and nicotine cartridge are replaceable. Red Dragon kits come with the wall charger and we also offer accessories such as a car charger or USB port chargers.

Learn More:

Learn more about Red Dragon Electronic Cigarettes at

About Red Dragon
Offering one of the best electric cigarettes on the market, Red Dragon is dedicated to helping ordinary people who want a high-quality, alternative to tobacco. Electronic cigarettes allow smokers to smoke wherever they want and helps the non-smokers around them avoid inhaling tobacco cigarette smoke. Electric cigarettes also save smokers an enormous amount of money compared to the costs of a regular cigarette habit. Smokers can visit their Web site at and use their calculator to estimate the savings. Red Dragon offers a one-year warranty on all electronic cigarette parts.

Red Dragon electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, tar or smoke found in cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are designed with a microchip, sensor and atomizing circuit. The circuit is activated when the smoker inhales and it vaporizes a nicotine and flavor solution in the electronic cigarette cartridge. The fine vapor mist provides the sensation and taste of smoking without tobacco smoke. This vapor evaporates in seconds.

Red Dragon electric cigarette cartridges last longer and produce more smoke than any other brand. Cartridges typically last the equivalent of 10 to 20 regular cigarettes, but at a fraction of their cost. Red Dragon Cigarettes will pay for themselves.

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Electronic Cigarette Company Developing New Products

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA - Red Dragon, premier manufacturer of electronic cigarettes is now offering a USB Passthrough version and is in the process of developing a new portable charger and a new battery.

Red Dragon is one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market. This unique device is an alternative to cigarettes that allows smokers to smoke anywhere, even indoors – with no offensive smoke or odor. Electric cigarettes provide the sensation of smoking and save money.

Red Dragon electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, tar or smoke found in cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes are designed with a microchip, sensor and atomizing circuit. The circuit is activated when the smoker inhales and it vaporizes a nicotine and flavor solution in the electric cigarette cartridge. The fine vapor mist provides the sensation and taste of smoking without tobacco smoke. This vapor evaporates in seconds.
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