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Electric Cigarette Battery

Regular Price: $27.00

Special Price: $9.95

The V-5 is our fifth generation battery which utilizes the latest in technology to produce a thicker smoke like vapor.

Choose the compact but powerful V-5 Short battery for an device that is similar in size to a traditional cigarette.

Choose the V-5 Long battery to get 50% more charge life to increase the time between charging.

Red Dragon Mini-cig batteries are compatible with other brands that use the 808 style cartomizer-cartridges, except ours come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

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Dozer Vaporizer Replacement Coils

Regular Price: $10.53

Special Price: $8.95

Dozer replacement coils. Choice of a BROIL or BAKE Coil.

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Yabba Dabber Replacement Coil

Regular Price: $11.70

Special Price: $9.95

Yabba Dabber replacement coil.

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Keymaker Vaporizer Replacement Coil

Regular Price: $12.88

Special Price: $10.95

Keymaker vaporizer pen replacement ceramic coil.

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Dozer Dry Herb Vaporizer Tank

Regular Price: $50.53

Special Price: $19.95

Out of stock
The Dozer Uses a new heat baking technology combined with an all new ceramic heating Plate.

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Sub-Herb Replacement Coil and Base

Regular Price: $17.59

Special Price: $14.95

Sub-Herb Vaporizer Replacement Coil and Base

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Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank

Regular Price: $47.00

Special Price: $39.95

The Sub-Herb vape tank is a one of a kind dry herb and concentrate vaping device. Converts your current vape gear into a dry herb vaporizer simply by attaching the Sub-Herb vape tank. It’s that easy.

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GSH2 Atomizer

Regular Price: $4.95

Special Price: $3.95

The GSH2 is a bottom coil, wick-less atomizer that produces huge vapor!

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Storage Case

Regular Price: $12.95

Special Price: $11.01

With this elegant and hygienic pen styled
Case made from durable aluminum,
you can put away your new Red Dragon
and easily carry it like a pen.

Carry your Red Dragon with you and enjoy
it wherever and whenever you want!

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eGo Leather Lanyard Case

Regular Price: $12.95

Special Price: $11.01

This sturdy leather lanyard protects your eGo vaporizer and lets you wear it around your neck. The v-neck cutout allows you to activate your device while keeping it in the case.

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