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What is a Red Dragon™ Electronic Cigarette?
Red Dragon’s electric cigarette is a revolutionary new electronic smoking device that provides you an alternative to tobacco. Red Dragon’s products employ advanced technology that gives the sensation of smoking without any fire danger, tobacco, tar, carbon-monoxide, carcinogens, or offensive second-hand smoke.

Our electric cigarettes produce a vapor that dissipates within seconds after your puff. You can now enjoy the sensations of smoking anywhere, including indoors without exposing others to second-hand smoke. Because Red Dragon electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco, you won’t be exposed to the over 4,000 harmful byproducts and known carcinogens that created when burning tobacco. Our electric cigarettes offer an enjoyable smoking experience to you and those around you. With Red Dragon, you can continue to enjoy the sensation of smoking without exposing yourself or others to the hazardous and offensive smoke created by traditional tobacco!

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How does the Red Dragon electronic cigarette work?
Red Dragon brand electric cigarettes contain a microchip and sensor that activates an atomizing circuit whenever you inhale. The atomizing circuit vaporizes the liquid nicotine and flavor solution found within the replaceable cartridge, which then produces a smoke-like mist. Our electronic cigarette is always in stand-by mode and is activated only when you puff. This automated feature preserves battery life and eliminates having to fumble for an on-off switch.

How is it Built?
Red Dragon’s innovative new device consists of:
  • All stainless steel construction
  • A high quality re-chargeable lithium ion battery
  • A micro-electronic circuit that controls vaporization.
  • Replaceable cartridges in your choice of  flavor and nicotine strength
  • All Red Dragon replacement cartridges contains a new, built-in atomizer
  • A "glowing ember" at the tip which lights up when you puff
  • Accessories that allow you to customize your red dragon

How much money will Red Dragon save me?
Red Dragon brand electronic cigarettes cost less to use than most traditional cigarettes. How much money you save will depend on your tobacco cost and usage. The Savings Calculator below can help you calculate your yearly savings:

Savings Calculator

Figure out how much cash Red Dragon will save you annually.


(Enter only the amount you spend on actual cigarettes. Don't enter the additional cost of lighters, burn-holes and smoke related damage to your furniture, cars, clothing, yourself, etc.)

How do I know that Red Dragon is the highest-quality electric smoking device available?
Unlike other brands that simply import their products from overseas, Red Dragon has control over their manufacturing processes. This allows us to offer the very best, highest-quality electric cigarette available. Red Dragon is made of only the finest, hand picked components, so you will have a trouble-free experience every time you puff. Every part is subjected to rigorous quality testing before packaging. and is backed by an industry leading Guarantee. Red Dragon cartridges have a superior design. You get a fresh, new atomizer with each replacement cartridge. Red Dragon brand provides a better electronic cigarette smoking experience with more vapor, more flavor choices, more nicotine and less hassle than with other electric cigarettes.

Visit the link below for a comparison to other electric smoking devices:

Red Dragon vs The Other Brand

Does Red Dragon offer a guarantee?
Yes! Red Dragon stands behind the quality of our products. That is why we provide the best guarantee in the business. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can receive a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days following your purchase. You also enjoy a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects on electronic components. Should a component fail to perform as expected, we will fix or replace it at no cost to you.

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What flavors does Red Dragon offer?
The most popular in-stock electronic cigarette cartridge flavors are: Regular Tobacco, Light Tobacco, Menthol, Marbello, Cherry and Vanilla. We also offer Limited Addition flavors such as Flue-Cured, Apple and Chocolate. Some cartridges can be purchased at a discount at our Bargain Cartridge page.  You can also Special Order your choice of 25 flavors in 5 nicotine strengths and 5 decorative colors. If you suggest your favorite flavor ideas, we’ll make even more!  You can even order empty cartridges and refill them yourself using our e-Liquid kits.

Some other electric cigarette brands reuse their atomizer and sometimes the mouthpiece when replacing cartridges. Our unique cartridge-with-atomizer design allows you to change flavors and nicotine strengths quickly and easily. You get a fresh, new atomizer and mouthpiece every time you switch cartridges. With Red Dragon, you never  need to worry about combining different flavors and nicotine strengths – or deal with the hassle of atomizer maintenance that other brands require.

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What Nicotine Strengths are available?
Red Dragon provides the broadest range of Nicotine Strengths of any brand. You can choose from Extra-High (24 mg) High (16 mg ), Medium (11 mg), Low (6mg), and, the most popular, none (0 mg).

How long does every cartridge last?
Each cartridge usually provides the equivalent of fifteen to twenty traditional cigarettes – possibly more. The longevity of each cartridge varies depending on the user’s habits and preferences. If your cartridge starts providing less vapor or flavor, that could indicate that the cartridge needs to be replaced.

What's in the mist produced by Red Dragon cartridges?
Red Dragon’s ingredients are few and easy to pronounce: Water, Nicotine (or zero Nicotine if you prefer), flavor essence, and food grade Propylene Glycol which is similar to what is found in baked goods. 

Why are Red Dragon Electronic Cigarettes eco-friendly?
Red Dragon is non-flammable and pollution free. Our electric cigarettes create no second-hand smoke and our stainless-steel disposable cartridges are recyclable.

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Can anyone use Red Dragon Electric Cigarettes?
No. This product should only be used by adults. Do not use Red Dragon if you are pregnant, nursing, or sensitive to Nicotine. Our electronic cigarettes are intended for adults who want the satisfaction of "real smoking" without the risks and problems associated with tobacco.

Can I really use Red Dragon Electronic Cigarettes anywhere, even in non-smoking areas?
Because our products have no first- or second-hand smoke and don't burn tobacco, you can enjoy your electric cigarette in just about any place where smoking is usually not allowed.

Red Dragon e-cigs emits a vapor mist that simulates "smoke," but evaporates within seconds. The vapor produces no lingering smells. Our Cherry flavor does create a slight cherry odor, but no one complains about the smell of cherry. Any scent produced by our device dissipates quickly. Since there is no actual smoke, there is no risk of second-hand smoke. With electronic cigarettes, you have the freedom to "smoke" indoors or wherever you want without bothering others.

What if others don’t understand about Electronic Cigarettes?
Red Dragon recommends that you always be considerate of others in public places. Most people don’t know what an electronic cigarette is and may think it’s a tobacco cigarette. Be ready to respond to questions from curious folks. If they ask: "What are you smoking?" you can explain: "It’s not smoke, it's simply water vapor like from an inhaler. I prefer to avoid smoke."

If you are using your electric cigarettes in a bar, restaurant, or other public place, you may want to show it to the bartender or host first and ask permission to use it. Our customers rarely have trouble in public places if they ask first.

Can I change the look of my Red Dragon Electronic Cigarette?
You can customize the appearance of your electric cigarettes with Dragon Skins™.  We provide a variety of different, fashionable, and fun designs that allow you to customize or camouflage the look of your electronic cigarette. You can also order cartridges in different colors such as gold, white, brown, black and green.

Click here to see all our Dragon Skin designs!

Using E-Liquid to Refill Red Dragon Cartridges:

You can save a significant amount of money by using our E-Liquid to refill your cartridges!
1.) Carefully remove the White rubber cap from the end of the cartridge. Take care not to damage the atomizer wire located beneath the cap.

2.) Fill a graduated syringe, with about 0.8ml of E-Liquid.
3.) Insert the needle of the syringe about 3/4 into the cartridge between the White absorbent material and the wall of the cartridge.
4.) Aim the injection of the E-Liquid toward the absorbent material taking care not to inject liquid into the center hole of the cartridge. Be careful not to damage the atomizer wire.

5.) Load the absorbent material with E-liquid evenly by drawing the needle outward slowly while injecting. Inject the E-Liquid into 3 separate locations to fully load the cartridge.
6.) When the cartridge has rested for about five minutes, replace the rubber stopper and then hold it over a paper towel while blowing into the stoppered end briskly to evacuate any excess liquid out the threaded end. After removing the excess liquid, wipe the threaded end clean with a lint-free wipe.
7.) Clean the syringe by flushing it with water.

TIP #1: An overfilled cartridge will produce less vapor and may leak juice. If you blow into the end of the cartridge and hear a slight gurgling sound, that means your cartridge is overfilled. If that happens, simply blow briskly into the end of the cartridge to evacuate the excess liquid. Be sure to clean the threaded end of excess liquid prior to attaching to your E-cigarette battery.

TIP #2: It may be time to refill or replace your Cartridge if you experience a burnt smell or reduced vapor. A typical cartridge can be refilled about 5 or 6 times before it should be replaced.

TIP #3: The paper cartridge label may become unsanitary following frequent use. If that happens you can simply remove the label to reveal a cleanable stainless steel surface. Here is how to take off the label:
Screw the cartridge onto your battery and heat it by rotating the cartridge in the warm air stream of a hair dryer. Warm it enough to peel back the label’s edge. Don’t overheat it or you may damage the battery or cartridge. When the cartridge is warm, the label will come off easily. The remaining label residue can be removed with isopropyl alcohol.

How long does the battery charge last?
Our battery can be recharged in 2 to 3 hours.  Just screw the battery into a USB charger adapter and charge the battery in your computers USB port or with a wall charger. How long the charge lasts depends on you frequency of use, length of puffs, and time between puffs. Because each user is different, each user will experience different results. If you puff intermittently and less frequently, you will get more puffs per charge than you would if you puff rapidly and continuously.
A battery charge will usually lasts anywhere between 2 and 4 hours of use. If you are worried about your battery’s performance, you can test its effectiveness by comparing it to another battery. If your battery fails to retain a normal charge, we will replace it under the terms of our warranty. Just contact us and we will provide an RMA number and instructions on how to get a free replacement.
Atomizing liquid into a vapor takes a lot of energy. Higher capacity batteries are too heavy and bulky for use in an electric cigarette. Due to limited battery capacity, we advise our customers to keep an extra battery on hand in case they run out of power.

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